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On 2007 The Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce and the Colombian American Chamber of commerce with the help of Fabulous Miami join forces to host a networking event to promote each other business, a year later The Panamanian Chamber of commerce and Peru join them consequently more Chambers agree every year to joining them creating what is called now Multi-Chamber of commerce Events “MCCE” Today there are close to 13 local and international Chamber of commerce participating on this great Events. These events are held on…

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Chamber of Commerce Really Necessary?

Chambers of Commerce might be a great idea for small and newborn enterprises that need to gain more visibility in their place. Traditionally speaking, Chambers of Commerce has always been a top important resource for local businesses to gain…

What's your opinion on First Impression?

First impressions count, but second impressions set you apart. After first meeting a new contact, follow up with them right away to start building upon that first impression. Steady, strategic communication allows you to solidify your new business relationship.