On 2007 The Ecuadorian American Chamber of Commerce and the Colombian American Chamber of commerce with the help of Fabulous Miami join forces to host a networking event to promote each other business, a year later The Panamanian Chamber of commerce and Peru join them consequently more Chambers agree every year to joining them creating what is called now Multi-Chamber of commerce Events “MCCE” Today there are close to 13 local and international Chamber of commerce participating on this great Events. These events are held on the first Wednesday of each month from 6 :00 pm to 8 :00 Pm. At the moment the participating chambers of commerce are Bolivia, -CAMACOL, Chile, Coconut Grove, Colombia, Ecuador, Downtown Miami & Brickell, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru, In addition the MCCE they have the support of Mexicanos in Miami, caribean trade, the Dominican International of Business and Rotary Club of Brickell.

This events brings together individual entrepreneurs, as well as businesses advancing the interests of its members through contact and interaction with each other, trade associations and international organizations.

At mce we believe

The MCCE roles is to provide assistance and training for future generations of managers and entrepreneurs, with the mission to advance leadership across careers and cultures by connecting the most preeminent business people of significant and diverse achievement. The MCCE brings together business people to exchange ideas, to learn and inspire, and to promote better leadership for a changing world. The MCCE is committed to bettering local leadership today and cultivating the leaders of tomorrow


Building Connections and Fostering Business Growth

Founded in Miami in 2005, the Multi – Chamber of Commerce. Our guiding mission is to advance, promote and assist in the expansion between all participants chambers and members.

MCE  brings together businesses. Ranging from individual entrepreneurs to large corporations, our membership includes the most important and influential companies from all participants countries.

We provide our members with practical, measurable business-expansion opportunities by delivering high-caliber networking and targeted-marketing platforms and events. Our services can help members and clients meet their business goals faster and more easily and efficiently.Facilitates positive relations between its members and a full network of business institutions and organizations.

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